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Global Medical minds (us) goal is to invite the Medical equipment industry and it services globally. we Represent and own deferent brands in the medical industry, along with software solutions and mobile apps specialized in the field.  our goal is to simplify the medical equipment transactions on the business to business (B2B) level, and to business to Consumer (B2C) level.



Medical field B2B Business to business Program


We are a global distributor of different products and services in the medical field. We distribute medical products to Dentists, medical distributors, pharmacies & teeth whitening centers almost in every country. We created a program for medical & pharmaceutical sales people and sales companies so they can cater our products to their clients. learn more




Featuring Beyond Teeth whitening products

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Medical Field B2C Business to consumer solution

As a Business 2 Consumer opportunity with us. We have an affiliate program in place for marketers, allowing them to sell our products to their networks, family, and friends. read about our Affiliate program here.





Beyond Products list for the use of Dentist and hygienist.